Shin splints suck and I love CrossFit!

Shin splints! I was running 9 1/2 miles a day and loving it! Then shin splints. Shin splints are the worst. I needed to deal with them so they didn’t become a stress reaction or stress fracture. I’m on a lady fitness site, and asked what people did to heal them. Foam rolling, deep squats to deal with a muscle imbalance, stretching, and compression socks. To my surprise, icing was really controversial and people felt passionate about their positions.

Okay, I ordered compression socks, foam rollers, and started going after deep squats and stretches like nobody’s business. I’d worked for a few years on that running endurance, and didn’t want to give that up. I decided to give CrossFit a try. Holy workout, Batman! You’re a sweaty mess and done in less than an hour. It’s totally scalable to every fitness level, so it’s custom order-type challenging, and a novice and a gymrat can work out side-by-side. Perfect. To my shock, my husband quit with his nautilus-type gym and started joining me. And then the kids showed up. Too neat.

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You wish you could run and be okay with it, but you hate it? You can!!!

hippopotamusDo you remember that Sandra Boynton book, But Not the Hippopotamus? The giraffe and squirrel dance in a whirl, but not the hippopotamus. The dog and the pig have fun doing the jig, but not the hippopotamus. The animals keep doing all kinds of stuff, but the hippo is never included. Finally at the end, she joins in the fun, but YES the hippopotamus! Everyone cheers. Then you turn to the last page. But not the armadillo. We were like, “Include yourself, little armadillo!” Continue reading “You wish you could run and be okay with it, but you hate it? You can!!!”

Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co.’s recipe for Big Rosie. Gorgeous whiskey, tea, and lemonade cocktail with a kiss of mint.

5K3Rahr Brewery does an Oktoberfest 5K each year. People dress in lederhosen and dirndls and go for a run. Afterwards, there’s beer, brats, and music. It’s ridiculously fun. Last year, Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co. (TX Whiskey) were handing out whiskey shots mid-course. Nice.

Well, my husband and I were having a better run than usual, and they handed me a whiskey shot and I tipped it back just like I would those cups of water they hand you while you’re making your way. While running. I know! I coughed hard, and runners around me were cracking up, because they were thoughtful enough to stop and sip. Show offs! 😉 Just kidding. A lady from TX Whiskey held up a cup and said, “Drink this.” I laughed and coughed out a, “No!” with my hand outstretched in the halt position. She said, “No. Really. Trust me. It’s a nice chaser.” I took a sip. It was absolutely lovely. Smooth, a little sweet, and super refreshing. It hit the spot. I was craving that later on a nice hot day, and contacted them. You may be wondering – Oktoberfest? Hot day? Oktoberfest happens in September and it’s still totally hot in Texas. It’s summer food and drink weather *mostly* from April til October. You know, with the occasional winter coat and hail…. The cocktail’s called Big Rosie, and it’s the perfect summery sunshine drink. Killer with barbecue. And it’s silly easy to make. A big thanks to Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co. for letting me share it with you. Continue reading “Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co.’s recipe for Big Rosie. Gorgeous whiskey, tea, and lemonade cocktail with a kiss of mint.”