Roast Beef with Debris Gravy and Roast Vegetables

The State Fair of Texas is cancelled for the year, and our family always has a great time there. There’s tons of fun food, but I always get a roast beef po’ boy with debris gravy. And weird beer. Texas and Louisiana are neighbors, so there’s a lot of sharing. Whenever I make po’ boys at home, I use this recipe. PARASOL’S STYLE ROAST BEEF PO BOY RECIPE from Great blog! You may look at it and your eyes may get huge in horror when you read about simmering the roast and using Kitchen Bouquet in the gravy, but you just have to trust her. It’s so flippin’ lickable!

Okay, so hopefully I wont offend the author with my completely inauthentic use of her insanely delicious beef. But I’m a tinkerer. I’ve made her po’boys exactly as she commands in the recipe. So yummy! But, I’ve also turned it into a po’boy salad when I was in a more salad-y, less bread-y mood. It was awesome. Tonight, I’m using it in my 800 gram of produce challenge in my roast dinner. 345 grams per plate, which puts me at 1003 for the day. Woohoo!

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East Nashville Hot Chicken and Debris Po’Boy Recipes and cookbook review: Serial Griller

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Serial Griller CoverI loved Matt’s book, the South’s Best Butts, so I was psyched to see he had a new book out! First of all, I can’t even with that name!!! 😀 Serial Griller is a fabulous book, with great versions of the tried-and-true dishes you know and love, and some really creative ones to let you flex your grilling muscles! Terrific range. Continue reading “East Nashville Hot Chicken and Debris Po’Boy Recipes and cookbook review: Serial Griller”