Jen’s Nanny Goat Burger (beef) and meat grinding 101

My favorite burger is called the Nanny Goat at Rodeo Goat in Ft. Worth. Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, goat cheese, and a little garlicky herby mayo. Best burger ever! They serve them with sweet, hot bbq chips. If you find yourself in town, you should go!

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Jen’s Kitchen Sink Juice!

Fresh juice! I love to make it once a week! Turmeric is supposed to be lovely for joints, pineapple for inflammation, and celery for skin. Are they, though?! Since we’re not eating them in a vacuum, and have lots of other things going on in our lives, who knows?! I’m sure your mileage may vary, but when someone complains about an elbow or knee, they ask me to make turmeric juice and it stops. Either way, getting lots of extra produce in our diets is always a great idea.

I make a lot of juice hoping for three day’s worth. With two teenagers who want lovely skin in the house, it rarely makes it past two days.

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My Kitchenaid Pro 600 stand mixer stopped working. The planetary gear just stopped turning.


My KitchenAid pro 600 stand mixer stopped working. It just wouldn’t turn. It’s less than 4 years old. I contacted KitchenAid and they said my options were to buy a new one or pay to have it fixed. What?! The life expectancy of a $500 appliance needs to be more than 4 years. They replied that they have a low failure rate. I thought that they should have no difficulty repairing or replacing the odd lemon if it’s that uncommon. Nope. Continue reading “My Kitchenaid Pro 600 stand mixer stopped working. The planetary gear just stopped turning.”