Jen’s spinach, artichoke, and jalapeno side yum! Steak night!

I love creamed spinach alongside steak. And I love spinach artichoke dip. And now Costco sells this amazing artichoke jalapeno dip. I married all those together as the inspiration for my side dish for my hubby’s 50th birthday. We were all in love with it. And now I can’t quit making it, so I thought I’d share with you lovely people.

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Jen’s Southwestern Crustless Quiche

It’s my shopping day, so I popped into the fridge to see what veggies I needed to use up. I found 4 ears of grilled corn and ½ a pound of baby spinach. Awesome! A Southwestern crustless quiche, it is!

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Jen’s Grilled Garlicky Fajita Shrimp Over Tropical Salad

We love sweet heat, the combination of tropical fruit and chile peppers. If you’re not a big spicy fan, totally reduce or completely omit the jalapeno! If you don’t have a grill, no problem! Just use a big skillet over medium high for the same time! Hope you love it!

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Jen’s Kitchen Sink Juice!

Fresh juice! I love to make it once a week! Turmeric is supposed to be lovely for joints, pineapple for inflammation, and celery for skin. Are they, though?! Since we’re not eating them in a vacuum, and have lots of other things going on in our lives, who knows?! I’m sure your mileage may vary, but when someone complains about an elbow or knee, they ask me to make turmeric juice and it stops. Either way, getting lots of extra produce in our diets is always a great idea.

I make a lot of juice hoping for three day’s worth. With two teenagers who want lovely skin in the house, it rarely makes it past two days.

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Valentine’s Day! Nutella Cheese Ball recipe and cookbook review: Cheese Balls by Dena Rayess

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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! What to make as a dessert? How about a glorious Nutella cheese ball with big fat juicy strawberries to accompany it! Thank you to Chronicle Books for letting me share the recipe with you!

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Fire Walk with Me cocktail recipe and Cookbook review: Texas Cocktails

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71jw+epntWLI’ve been playing in a cocktail book that’s just the thing for when you want a really special cocktail, Texas Cocktails. I flagged so many interesting drinks to try! Some are quick, while others take some planning and patience. I did find that I needed to expand my bitters collection, but Amazon had everything. I generally used the preferred brands noted in the recipes, but subbed in where I needed to.

If you’re a candied jalapeño fan, you *have to* try this cocktail. Oh my gosh, is it ever wonderful! Thanks to Cider Mill Press for letting me share it with you! I’ll get to my thoughts on all the drinks we tried right after the recipe.
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Jen’s Air-Fried Bacon-Wrapped Chicken and Cheese Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers

My kids’ school has a night called mini-school when they walk the parents through the kids’ schedules, the teachers talk about the curriculum, and contact info is exchanged. It goes for a few hours right when dinner would be. That’s our excuse night to grab Little Caesars for the kids and go out for a beer and hors d’oeuvres dinner after the meeting. Nice. On the last one, we popped over to a little place down the street called the Drunken Donkey. They have a great beer selection, every sports broadcast you’d wanna see, games, and beer-based munchies. Perfect. We ordered Bacon Thingies, poppers stuffed with chicken and cheese, and wrapped in bacon over shredded iceberg lettuce with a ranch drizzle. They were fantastic.

The Final Four’s coming up. I thought this would be the perfect excuse to bust out the air fryer and try to make some bacon thingies. It worked beautifully, so I thought I’d share. My youngest doesn’t like jalapeños too much, so I stuff a few mini bell peppers for her, and she adored those. I’m rocking an extra large Philips with a shelf, so I can fit 16. You can set the peppers in yours ahead of time to see how many you can fit.

If you love them, please come find me again! 😀

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Jen’s Jalapeño Buttermilk Ranch Salad 3 Ways. Carnivore, Pescatarian, Vegetarian? I got you!

I love a big bowl of salad filled with a rainbow of colors, and all kinds of contrasting flavors and textures. Especially when it has the sort of dressing that you’d happily dip chips into. But you’re not. You’re producing hard. Produce-ing. As in produce. Vegetables. Not like you’re having a productive day. Anywho. Here’s a delicious bowl of the good stuff. I’ve given three different protein options so carnivores, pescatarians, and vegetarians can all have a big happy bowl of yum. Happy produce-ing, peeps! 😀 Edit: 9/25/2020. I just weighed this out for the 800 gram produce challenge, and it’s 435 grams per plate. WooHoo!

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Jen’s Rock Star Jalapeño Roast Chicken & Vegetables! The Twine Swine be Thine!


Twine Swine. It may be the perfect gift. You can hand it to your friend, and in your best Shakespearian theatrical style, loudly proclaim, “The Twine Swine be Thine!” as you Twine Swine be Thinethrust your arm skyward. Yeah, I know. That’s a picture from Braveheart, but my attention span wavered a bit looking for just the right Henry V shot. Or you could treat yoself. In that case, it would be more like Montgomery Burns drumming his fingers together and declaring quietly and creepily, “The Twine Swine is mine.” Either way, people will be happy.

Twine Swine is Mine

Really, I think Twine Swine might have been invented by pigs who were sick of bacon trending, wanting to see people eat more chicken. They might have been inspired by the Chick-fil-a cows. I love roast chicken. Ina Garten makes a perfect roast chicken in Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics: Fabulous Flavor from Simple Ingredients. It’s lickable. Then I got Marcela Valodolid’s Casa Marcela: Recipes and Food Stories of My Life in the Californias. She sticks jalapeños under the skin of the roast chicken and it’s a total game changer. It’s not really spicy, just insanely flavorful. I played with their ideas, and it was like Ina’s chicken and Marcela’s chicken had a delicious, delicious baby. Here’s my Rock Star Jalapeño Roast Chicken and Vegetables.

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