Jen’s Grain-Free Chicken and Dumplings

I love chicken and dumplings, but wanted to skip the flour. Birchbenders pancake mix is just cassava flour (root vegetable you’ll find in Mexican applications), coconut flour, and almond flour. I played around with that and it worked nicely. And between the mix and rotisserie chicken, it fits my lazy summertime kitchen mood perfectly.

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Paradise Yamamoto’s recipe for Bacon & Egg Carbonara Potstickers and Cookbook Review: Gyoza

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Are you obsessed with gyoza, potstickers, and dumplings? Me too!

I_GRPyuAParadise Yamamoto’s book, Gyoza: The Ultimate Dumpling Cookbook: 50 Recipes from Tokyo’s Gyoza King – Pot Stickers, Dumplings, Spring Rolls and More!, gives recipes for the classic chopped meat and meat and vegetable fillings that everyone knows and loves. Then he shows you all the things possible with gyoza. The book is filled with 50 wildly creative, delicious potstickers. He shows 7 different ways to fold them, and 6 ways to cook them. The folds have a definite learning curve to them, but they will be delicious right away. You’ve got plenty of time to improve those folds! And it gets a little easier each time. Especially if you obsessively cook your way through the book! 😀 Continue reading “Paradise Yamamoto’s recipe for Bacon & Egg Carbonara Potstickers and Cookbook Review: Gyoza”