Jen’s Poblano, Potato, and Mushroom Breakfast Tacos

Delicious, easy, filling, hand-held, happiness-inducing little pockets of joy. I adore breakfast tacos. They actually freeze pretty well, so you can skip the avocado, fold them up burrito-style, pop them in a vacuum sealed bag, and take them camping, just reheating in a little skillet over the fire. Skip the bacon if you want a vegetarian version. Hope you love them!

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Roasted Marshmallow and Mezcal Milkshake recipe and cookbook review: Ovenless Desserts by Mamie Fennimore

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I was playing in a book, Ovenless Desserts, and came across a Roasted Marshmallow Milkshake. That sounded fabulous. I made it and tasted it and was immediately transported to a campfire out in the woods. I’m a barbecue fanatic. I was out back at 7 this morning getting the fire going to smoke dinner. I adore injections of smokiness wherever the opportunity strikes. Smoky marshmallows. What if you added a little more smokiness with a shot of mezcal? Oh gosh, is that ever good! I’d like to introduce you to my favorite boozy milkshake, the Roasted Marshmallow and Mezcal Milkshake. Thank you to Mamie Fennimore for the inspiration and thank you to Cider Mill Press for letting me share it with you! If you’re making this for small people, omit the mezcal and make it as the author intended! 😀 I’ll tell you more about that book after the recipe. Continue reading “Roasted Marshmallow and Mezcal Milkshake recipe and cookbook review: Ovenless Desserts by Mamie Fennimore”

Camping weekend! Dutch Oven Old-School Lasagna recipe and Cookbook review: The New Camp Cookbook

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“Ooooh, I wanna go camping for my birthday!” “I’d like to go hiking!” My daughter and husband have birthdays a week apart and their requests sounded like one fantastic weekend! The Texas State Park campgrounds fill up pretty fast, so I polled my Facebook buddies right away to get a potential list of parks with the best trees. Got the site!

A1ykYiZo5jLWe’re all foodies. Adding birthdays on top of that, I really wanted to make lovely campfire fare, so I ordered a copy of The New Camp Cookbook. I gave it a flip through and flagged a lot of potential weekend deliciousness, and then I saw it, Dutch Oven Old-School Lasagna. Haha! Lasagna and Potstickers are her two favorite food groups. Perfect! (We already did his birthday dinner and cake at home!)

It’s very cool. You will not be bored with the same old campsite (or backyard!) meals. The author’s intent is that you do all the prep right at the campsite. Measuring and dicing out in the woods, where I have no desire to have a full pantry or fridge to work out of, sounded pretty bad. I prefer to keep things as simple as possible out in the woods, so that we can concentrate on hiking, canoeing, and chillaxing, so I did all the prep work at home, and even froze what parts would freeze well to double as ice packs in our cooler <I spell out those details below>. It worked out so well, and I couldn’t be happier with the book. <If you normally read my stuff, you’ll laugh at the pictures. When we got to the site, our lantern wasn’t working, so I had to shine a pocket flashlight on the salmon to get a shot. The pics look like something out of Blair Witch Project. LOL!> Continue reading “Camping weekend! Dutch Oven Old-School Lasagna recipe and Cookbook review: The New Camp Cookbook”