Jen’s Nanny Goat Burger (beef) and meat grinding 101

My favorite burger is called the Nanny Goat at Rodeo Goat in Ft. Worth. Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, goat cheese, and a little garlicky herby mayo. Best burger ever! They serve them with sweet, hot bbq chips. If you find yourself in town, you should go!

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Jen’s Buffalo Chicken Wing Burgers

mmmmm. Wings. They take forever and I came in too hungry and impatient after my workout, so Buffalo chicken wing burgers it is! All the taste, and they’re fabulously lazy! And bonus – they’re way better for you!

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The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book and Jen’s Topless o’ the Mornin’ to You! Burger

BobsBurgersCover.jpgThe Bob’s Burgers Burger Book is everything a Bob’s Burger disciple hopes and dreams it might be. I tried to get a hold of someone over at Universe publishing to get permission to share a recipe with you. No response. So, I started scanning the Burger of the Day board this season for possibilities that hadn’t made the book. The Blanc Canvas. <snore> Topless o’ the Mornin’ to You Burger. Okay, Irish flavor profile without the top bun. Trying to lift and convey a burger to your face with a burger precariously perched on just a bottom bun. Who does that?! Awkward, at best. It’s the stuff of horror movies, really. How about nestling that burger on a bed of salty oven roasted fries? Yeah… Since we’re going to have to IMG_3699bring a knife and fork into this, we can take advantage of that and make an oozier sauce. A béchamel with Irish cheddar. I want more flavor. Let’s blast that burger with horseradish, and top it all with sweet, Guinness-glazed onions. Mmmmm. Yeah, I’m in.

My review of the book with my pics and thoughts on the burgers we tried is below the recipe.

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