Jen’s Buffalo Chicken Wing Burgers

mmmmm. Wings. They take forever and I came in too hungry and impatient after my workout, so Buffalo chicken wing burgers it is! All the taste, and they’re fabulously lazy! And bonus – they’re way better for you!

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Jen’s Steak Salad for 4 Fine Peeps

I was in the mood for a lovely hearty steak salad. Hope you love it, too!


Jen’s Steak Salad for 4 Fine Peeps

16-24 oz steak – Depends on how hungry your tribe is
Salt and Pepper
Season as early as you can to let the flavor penetrate the meat. Morning of is great. The night before is better. And two nights before is best. It’ll rest in the fridge, uncovered. Set on the counter an hour before you’re cooking it to let it come to room temp so it’ll cook more evenly.

Bacon – 1-2 slices per person, optional
Place in a single layer on a parchment lined baking sheet and put in a cold oven. Turn it to 400 degrees F, and set the timer for 20 minutes. Check it, and let it continue on its journey til it meets your strongly held conviction of the perfect bacon doneness level. Drain on paper towel.

1 red onion
1/2 Tablespoon butter or olive oil
Pinch of salt
Saute until softened and picking up a little color.

Grill the steaks or give them a stove top cast iron sear in butter and olive oil, turning often to desired doneness. Mine’s an internal temp 118 degrees F. Rest. Slice.

Spring Mix
Vinaigrette (Whisk 2 parts red wine vinegar (or whatever you have!), 3 parts olive oil, a squeeze of dijon mustard, and a pinch of salt and grating of pepper)
Toss and divide between 4 plates.

Top with:
Avocado (1/4 – 1/2 per person)
Bacon (optional)
Blue cheese (optional)

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My favorite cast iron skillet is a 12″ Lodge dual handle pan. Why, the long handles are too heavy to hold with a single hand when they’re loaded up. Since you’re using two hands anyway, you might as well get the ones that take up less space and stack so much better!

Lodge 12″ dual handle cast-iron pan

I get asked about my spice wall all the time. The magnetic tins on the wall are great for any spices or salt-free blends. Salt corrodes the tins, so anything with salt is in a glass jar on the counter underneath.

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20 magnetic spice tins

12″ x 24″ magnetic base

My favorite knife. It’s a 7″ full tang Santoku. Full tang just means that the blade runs the full length of the knife. The blade and handle aren’t two separate components, so there’s no breaking point. I chose the Ikon handle design, which is wonderfully ergonomic. I have spent hours on a produce sculpture before and my hand was just as comfy at the end. It’s worth the pennies.

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Wusthof WU4176 Classic Ikon 7-Inch Santoku, Hollow Edge, Black