Jen’s Pear and Cardamom Grain-Free Pancakes

We all love pancakes, but I like to keep grains to a minimum. I’m in love with Birch Bender’s pancake mix. It’s just almond flour, cassava (a root vegetable) flour, and coconut flour. No sugar. Today I made pear and cardamom cakes with pear syrup. Nothing but fruit. No sugar added. Boom! My kiddo said these tasted like Christmas, but I think that’s because I make lovely Scandinavian cardamom pastries every year.

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Jen’s Grilled Grain-Free Lamb Meatballs with Eggplant and Tomatoes

I love lamb. I was in a meatball mood, but wanted to keep dinner grain-free. Almond flour worked beautifully with both the texture and flavor. I hope you love it! If you’re strict Whole30 or Paleo, leave out the feta.

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Breakfast Guacamole? Oh yeah! Jen’s Pineapple Breakamole

I’ve always adored avocado. My mother-in-law told me that when she was a little girl in Cuba, they loved pairing it in a salad with pineapple. Game changer. In Gran Cocina Latina, she caramelizes the pineapple spears under the broiler. So good! That’s inspired my breakamole this morning. If you have a sweet tooth, this will make your day! Continue reading “Breakfast Guacamole? Oh yeah! Jen’s Pineapple Breakamole”

Shrimp Bread Porridge, Almond Cream Triangles, and Vinha D’alhos-Style Vegetables recipes, and Cookbook review of My Lisbon by Nuno Mendes.

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IMG_2211My husband and I popped into Total Wine, Toys R Us for grown-ups, and sampled a well-historied Portuguese cherry liqueur. The guy was telling us about different ways to mix it and my head went a different direction. It would be perfect in a sauce for roast pork or beef. He got excited and asked me to post on their FB page if it works. I didn’t realize I was talking to the owner.


IMG_2336I love Portugal and started reminiscing with my sweetie. The gray windy coasts, fado guitar, blue and white ceramic work, and the genius handling of food, frequently inexpensive at that. We toured Spain, Portugal, and Morocco on our honeymoon with a few bonus days in Paris, a blizzardy gift from mother nature. We had the most amazing meal, a potato leek soup with a hauntingly flavorful bread, at a farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere in Portugal.  He came home from wine world and looked up a historical food and cultural vacation in Lisbon. It sounds beyond amazing. I love his quiet romance. <sniff> I was craving some of the deliciousness we’d had in Lisbon, so I grabbed My Lisbon: A Cookbook from Portugal’s City of Light and Bernard put on a little fado guitar. It took us right back. The food in this book is phenomenal, and the pictures look like a well-fooded travel journal. If you’ve been there, you need this as a retroactive souvenir, and if you haven’t, it’ll give you a glimpse of what Lisbon has to offer.Cover

A huge thanks to Ten Speed Press for letting me share 3 recipes with you: Shrimp Bread Porridge, Almond Cream Triangles, and Vinha D’alhos-Style Vegetables. My review of the book follows the recipes.





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