800 Grams a Day Produce Challenge!

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My favorite ladies’ fitness and health page is doing a super fun challenge for the month of September. 800 grams of produce a day. This one is especially exciting to me because I love to see produce do a hostile takeover of the plate. I have an energy addiction! LOL!

It’s pretty simple. You have to have a scale to weigh your produce out. I have a cheapy that gets the job done just fine. New to a scale? I can quickly demystify it so you’re ready to go.

1. Turn on the scale. It’ll say zero. The button on the right on mine toggles between pounds, ounces, and grams. Poke it til your little screen says grams.
2. Set your pan on it. Now the scale shows the weight of your pan. That’s easy to get rid of.
3. The button on the left is for on/tare/off. Tare just means it will zero out the weight of the empty container on there. Poke that button and voila, zero! Now you’re ready to weigh food!
4. I pile it with the green beans I’m cooking for my family. 500 grams. It will be evenly divided between our 4 plates, so that’s 125 grams each. That’s the weight. Now go about dressing it and cooking it however you please!

Okay, so what counts? Produce! All the fruits and vegetables including potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, and olives. Pickled things only count if there’s only water and spices – no oil or sugar. <My interjection. It’s not literally just water. By definition, pickles have vinegar in there, too, or they wouldn’t be pickles.> Drained weight. They have to be weighed naked as a jay bird and then you can go about dressing and cooking them however you please. There are no other rules!

This is a normal Costco trip for me, so I thought I’d be in good shape. I think I hit it more often than not, but I’m really looking forward to upping my game for this challenge!

My first thought. A lot of people with little kids voice frustrations with getting them to eat well. So, I thought that was a spot I could help. My volunteering and public service cape is frequently food related. Here’s a fun way to get your 800 grams in with little Timmy eating smaller portions of the same thing with a smile!

Sloppy Joes! My recipe calls for 1 1/4 pounds of ground bison. Ground turkey was on sale, so I grabbed 1 1/2 pounds! <I PR’d my deadlift at 105 pounds today, so I was pretty hungry! WooHoo> Sloppy Toms? Messy Gobblers? For veggie dip, just mix 2 Tablespoons of ranch powder with Greek yogurt (high protein stuff! The low protein has thickeners in it.) or sour cream. There was 475 grams of produce in the sloppy Joes divided by 4 plates = 119 grams plus my 385 grams of fresh veggies and fruit = 504 grams towards the daily total! Woo hoo! Here’s my Sloppy Joe recipe. https://jenniferguerrero.com/2019/01/28/jens-buffalo-joes-as-in-the-meat-not-the-sauce/

Are you going to try for an 800 gram September, too? I just started weighing out the produce for the past few days to see where we naturally fall. Here’s what ours looked like.

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Need anything? I’m an Amazon Affiliate. Any time you use one of my links to get to Amazon to make a purchase, Amazon gives me a tiny percentage. I put it back into next year’s blog fees. Thank you!

Escali Primo P115C Precision Kitchen Food Scale

Need cookbooks to get you on the veg path?? I can totally help with that!

EASY! Although it’s a general cookbook and not just veg, Pepin does an amazing and minimalist take on everything. Want easy perfection. Pepin’s your guy. My favorite’s Essential Pepin, but there’s no pics, if you need pics, Heart and Soul in the Kitchen.

SHOW-OFF! Want to really flex your kitchen muscle, and go the extra distance for the best produce? Ottolenghi’s your guy. In my opinion, he is the king of produce. Plenty and Plenty More are vegetarian. Jerusalem, Ottolenghi, and Ottolenghi Simple are for omnivores. All of them are outstanding.

NUTRITION FOCUSED! You want to jump in with nutritional powerhouse plates? The Whole30 line is my personal favorite. Whole30 Fast & Easy, Whole30 Friends & Family (party food!), Whole30 Cookbook, Defined Dish, No Crumbs Left, and Buck Naked Kitchen are all excellent. The last 3 are Whole30ish. You’ll see a little grains and cheese here and there.

4 thoughts on “800 Grams a Day Produce Challenge!

  1. What an interesting concept! I’ve never thought to weigh anything! I know people who have jugs of water out to make sure they drink enough (not my problem!) but this in very interesting. Very smart.

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