Fitbit and Increasing My Jogging Endurance.

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I was sort of missing in action this summer. I was playing with my smoker and salads, hiking with friends and family in Yellowstone, hanging with my fam, and redoing our gameroom. And I got a Fitbit.

I was very Fitbit resistant. I already put a lot of miles on sneakers. I really thought it would be like my old GPS watch and just report what I did. Snooze. That’s so not the case! I’m addicted to this thing. I got the Fitbit Versa Special edition because that one can get wet and counts swimming laps. Special edition just gets you an extra woven band. They’ve got a Fitbit Versa 2 now. Hmm. It looks like that just has Alexa added, but it dropped the price of the regular Versa by $48. NICE! The 3rd pic is the band I usually wear, so I guess I didn’t really need the special edition.

Friendly competition. Yeah. You and your buddies can compete for steps over the course of a workweek (Mon-Friday) or the weekend. It’s surprisingly fun. Message me if you have one of these things and wanna be friends. I put on anywhere between 120,000 and 150,000 during the workweek, and much less on the weekends. I think my low was 15,000. The competitive business really affects people differently. I don’t actually change behavior at all, but my husband is really fueled by it. He’s added so many evening walks in to slide past the competition.

It’s only Wednesday, so I’ll have to pop in an updated pic on Friday to redeem myself. Yeah, that glorious fellow in the headband belongs to me! 😀

I used to walk a lot and wanted to jog. I got up to a mile on my treadmill and was happy about it, but hated the jogging enough to procrastinate it. A buddy of mine, Victoria, mentioned that she’d just go to the park and jog a little, then walk a little, and that over time, she’d run more and more of it. Huh. I really liked that idea, and programmed my treadmill to alternate between jogging and walking. I started with alternating between jogging one minute and walking four over and over for a half hour. When that was comfy, I modified it to jogging one and walking 3. And so on. We have a 5 mile circuit we do outside. We started by converting one 1/10th of a mile segment to jogging. And we high-fived at the end of it. When that was comfy, we added another segment. Now we’ve got 12 jogging segments, jogging 3.05 of the 5 miles. Someone’s knitting their eyebrows together over the math. The segments aren’t equal. The 12th one is a half mile up hill. I would walk another 5 miles after that to try to increase endurance. It worked. Heart rate. This is where the Fitbit gets really interesting for me. I don’t think about jogging speed at all. I’m slow and fine with that. Fitbit breaks your heart rate into charts of rest, fat burn, cardio, and peak. And it gives you a cardio fitness score. Mine was 34-38 (good to very good) when I got the Fitbit. Over the course of the summer, I got it up to 36-40 (very good to excellent). That’s a huge deal for me! When we jog, we rack up some of those peak heart rate points, and the numbers are exaggerated when Texas heats up our workout. To boost the peak numbers, I started converting the second walk to jogging, and am up to jogging 5.23 of the 10 miles. Slow as a glacier, but who cares?!

Sleep! It gives you sleep scores. I suck at sleep. There’s no gamification option there, so one of my most intense friends (Hi Alexander!), starting a Facebook message group where we all report in to turn that into a game. LOL! Cracks me up. We have one friend that always wins at sleep.

As a side bonus, I’ve lost 13-16 pounds. I say 13-16, because weight always has those little fluctuations. I’m Whole30ish. I say ish because I choose Whole30 more often. I drink wine and beer. If a publisher sends me the best pastry or pasta book in the world, I’m going to review it. Life is short. The oversimplified explanation of that is a plate full of produce with protein the size of your hand, and some fat. Three times a day. And a bonus piece of protein the size of your hand within 20 minutes of completing every workout. I keep protein bars and shakes on hand for the post-workout stuff. Or deviled eggs if I was an overachiever the day before. I really like this brand, RSP Nutrition. Their cinnamon churro shake tastes like cinnamon churro. Not kidding. The directions say to mix with 8-16 oz of water. Eww. If you have a high speed blender, 12 oz of ice water so that it’s shake-ish. The difference is worth washing out the blender. Promise.

RSP True Fit Cinnamon Churro Powder Delicious protein powder that really tastes like cinnamon churros.

RSP Whole Bar Chocolate Almond Brownie. Yummy protein bars that are keto friendly. Oooh! I see that they have birthday cake flavor now. Want!

RSP Amino Lean Energy Formula. I’m an energy junkie. I’d like to have 3 cups of coffee a day, but know that’s not good for me, so I swap out the 3rd cup for an energy drink. Yes. It tastes like blackberry pomegranate. The label’s purple now. Same thing.

Shoes. One of our kids runs long distance for speed. I know! We take her to an actual running store to get fitted. We generally run in Costco cheapos. My hub’s knee was hurting, so we took the splurge and got fitted. He ended up in a pair of Hokas and I got a pair of New Balance 880s. That totally sorted out his knee and I’m way more comfortable. I’m a believer now. Shoes matter.

Long term? I hate saying goals out loud because then I seem to be in a bigger hurry to get after them. But I’d like to convert another .95 miles to jogging, so that I’m jogging 4 out of every 5 miles. Those last few walking segments are a lot harder to pull, though. Wish me luck. And let me know what worked for you!

7 thoughts on “Fitbit and Increasing My Jogging Endurance.

  1. People at work have fit bits. They pace about to get their steps up. It’s quality that’s important though. I also did the alternating running and walking on the treadmill to save my knees. Keep up the good work.

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    1. Thanks, SudsEats. It seems strange to me that the Fitbit counts non-exercise steps, too. It’s got a threshold that it has to hit before it registers sleep. I would think it would need a threshold for movement before it starts counting, too, but it doesn’t.

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