Stephen King’s IT. Veggiewise the Clown. Terrifying produce.

I’m getting lots of emails asking for details of how I made Veggiewise the Clown. Because IT part 2 just came out! I can’t even wait to see it! My Veggiewise is the old-school Tim Curry version. I need to do a Bill Skarsgård version. That would be terrifying produce. I updated the post with veggie details. Happy Halloween season, everybody!

Veggiewise the Clown.

24 thoughts on “Stephen King’s IT. Veggiewise the Clown. Terrifying produce.

  1. Jennifer did you use something under the head to make the shape of the head? I’m trying to make this for our work event but I have no artistic ability and I’m concerned about how to keep the cauliflower florets in place.

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    1. Hi Stephanie! Thanks for stopping by! I just used a big tray and packed the vegetables in so tight that they couldn’t move. I put the eyes and nose in place and worked out from there in kind of a spiral. The outside layer always flops over until you get the next layer up. When it was all in place, I stood on a stepstool so I could get higher above it to see what needed adjusting. Best of luck to you!


  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. My 15 year old daughter is having a Hallowe’en party tonight. She asked me to grab a veggie tray from Costco. I am going to make this instead. I think your post just made me a cool mom

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