Can We Talk About Wine Beer? B’s Beer Buzz

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We picked up a case of Dogfish Head’s Christmas pack back in December. My husband handed me a beer and I took a sip. Whuuuuut is this? It’s got all the fabulous hoppiness of their IPAs, but it tastes like someone poured a little Syrah in it. Wine beer!

You’re probably asking yourself if that’s a good thing. Just because they can, doesn’t mean they should, right? Unlike monster food, where they pile multiple entrees together and call it something new, and it’s just a two dinner ewwww, wine and beer hybrids can be so much better than their individual parts. I love beer. I love wine. And I *love* this wine beer trend so much!

For my birthday weekend, my family took me hiking and for BBQ at one of my super favorites, Pecan Lodge in Dallas one day. We headed to Top Golf, one of those posh driving ranges (holy fun, Batman!) the next day, and one of my favorite burger places in Fort Worth, Rodeo Goat. Add those to your list if you find yourself in my neck of the woods. That night, Rodeo Goat had Midnight Cab from Rahr right here in Ft. Worth, and it was wonderful! I love Cabernet Sauvignon, and that flavor was pronounced. It’s a barrel-aged black saison. So good! We drove over there to buy some, but they’re not offering it til March. We’re doing a wine beer flight tonight to compare 7 that we found at Total Wine. We’ll have to have a do-over when Midnight Cab’s available.

I’ll hand you over to my husband, Bernard for this episode of B’s Beer Buzz! Well, we just got back from golfing and he’s repairing some fence before the Super Bowl starts, so I’m helping him out a little. 😉

B’s Wine Beer Buzz!

We had 7 entrants in tonight’s wine-beer tasting and they ranged from good to exceptional. Let me tell you a little more about them to help you find your wine beer match. Both Jen and I gave 1st and 2nd place to wine-beer from Dogfish Head. I should probably add a disclosure line that Dogfish tends to be our favorite brewer. Well, New Glarus potentially has a spot there, but to my relocated Cheesehead wife’s horror they wont ship outside of Wisconsin, so we can’t do direct comparisons. A case of Scream, please if you’re making the roadtrip from Wisconsin to Texas. The 3 Dogfish wine beers are actually brewed with grape must involved. The rest are just very fruity or dry beers with flavors similar to wine.

1st and 2nd place. The rest of the beers will be in our order of preference, but these two tied for 1st place. The winner here is more a matter of preference of white vs. red.

Dogfish Head’s Sixty One – Very hoppy with deep red fruit notes like in a wine tasting. This is the first wine beer we tasted, and Jen isolated that it was specifically Syrah involved before I showed her the bottle. Great for Syrah and IPA lovers.

Dogfish Head’s Viniferous IPA – Very hoppy, sweet, and fruity. This was the most wine-forward of the seven. This one’s perfect for Riesling and IPA heads. They mention melon and tropical fruit, and you really pick that up.

Karbach’s Daymaker – This one is really interesting because it tastes as rose as it does beer, yet it involves no wine. The floral hibiscus and cranberry notes are pronounced. It’s an IPA, but not terribly hoppy. We tasted oranges and grapefruit.

Deep Ellum’s No Way Rose – Tremendously sweet and fruity. Serious floral notes and light. Jen wants this poolside in the Texas heat. This was the sweetest of the lot with honey and prickly pear. They talk about rhubarb, but we’re not picking that up at all. Almost fruit juicey.

Dogfish Head’s Mixed Media – Dry, really tart, sweet, sour, piney, and citrusy. Perfect blend for Pinot Grigio and ale lovers.

Sierra Nevada’s Brut IPA – Not super hoppy. Crisp with lots of citrus, piney, and grassy notes. Very dry finish, but not winey tasting at all.

Oskar Blues’ Guns ‘N’ Rose – This is a very tart ale. It’s very citrusey with prickly pear and hibiscus. Fruity beer but no wine taste at all.

Need beer flight sets?!

Amazon has a ton of cute ones. I’m flagging ones with 4 tasting glasses, because they’re the most common. We picked up tasting glasses when we were at New Glarus, and had to increase the footprints on the paddles to accommodate the slightly wider glasses, so I painted mine turquoise while we were at it. I have our flight paddles mounted in 4 equally spaced stripes over the refrigerator, and it reads as an art piece.

These look very similar to ours. $20. Deep brown, slightly curved 5 oz glasses.

Cuteness! $20. Tiny mug sample glasses with light wood.

$23. Rustic with chalkboard fronts.

Much higher pricepoint, but if you mounted them on the wall, they’d double as an art piece when you’re not using them. Gorgeous. $75. Curved, artsy paddles.

11 thoughts on “Can We Talk About Wine Beer? B’s Beer Buzz

  1. Afaik New Glarus does apples and cherries but they haven’t done a wine beer yet. I have to admit that the thought of wine with an IPA makes me a little queasy, but I really don’t like IPAs anyway, well apart from Dogfish Head 120, which I enjoy but whose bitterness literally makes my stomach ache. I do enjoy darker beers brewed in / with wine or spirits barrels, though.

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    1. I want a love button. WordPress is holding me back with just the like button! I’m wondering if you’ve been to Bird Cafe, too? It’s my favorite brunch spot, and I cracked up when I found out that they’re owned by the same people as Rodeo Goat. If you go looking for Midnight Cab – my dates were wrong. We ended up at Rahr for Chinese New Year and one of the brewers gave me the release calendar – April through June. I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts!

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