Veggiewise Floats

Happy Halloween everyone! I’ll just leave my sweet little produce sculpture here. Pennywise? No, this is Veggiewise the Clown. Everything floats in ranch dip. Yum.

Jennifer Guerrero


We read Stephen King’s It for bookclub, and I was inspired by Pennywise the Clown to make a nice little produce sculpture to take with. Veggiewise the Clown. I cracked up when my friends were really hesitant to sample my little crudite display. He is a little bit more off-putting than our treats of Halloweens past…..

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18 thoughts on “Veggiewise Floats

    1. Thanks! You too, OhioCook! It’s forecast 50% rain here tomorrow, so I’m having trouble gauging how much candy to get. We usually get about $50 worth of trick-or-treaters. My husband said get that amount but be sure to do it in our kids’ favorites. Lol! Yeah, I guess that would cover us either way.


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