Fire Walk with Me cocktail recipe and Cookbook review: Texas Cocktails

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71jw+epntWLI’ve been playing in a cocktail book that’s just the thing for when you want a really special cocktail, Texas Cocktails. I flagged so many interesting drinks to try! Some are quick, while others take some planning and patience. I did find that I needed to expand my bitters collection, but Amazon had everything. I generally used the preferred brands noted in the recipes, but subbed in where I needed to.

If you’re a candied jalapeño fan, you *have to* try this cocktail. Oh my gosh, is it ever wonderful! Thanks to Cider Mill Press for letting me share it with you! I’ll get to my thoughts on all the drinks we tried right after the recipe.

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2wmFire Walk with Me

Stone’s Throw
Recipe: Conal Rex Nielsen
1417 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77006

Let’s talk orgeat. First, it’s pronounced “or-zsa-t” kinda like Zsa Zsa Gabor (it was years before I finally got that one down) and it’s a non-alcoholic almond-based syrup. It’s typically seen in tiki drinks, and usually involves orange blossom water or rosewater. Making your own is a bit of a lengthy process as the almonds usually need to soak for about 3-4 hours, but there are some great Texas-based options if you need to procure some quickly. My recommendation is Liber & Son’s. It’s sweet, nutty, and a great layer to a cocktail. In the Fire Walk with Me from Stone’s Throw (a great Montrose area bar in Houston), the nuttiness of the orgeat plays very well with the heat of the jalapeños in this spicy tequila drink.

Glassware: Coupe Glass

2 oz reposado tequila
.5 oz falernum
.5 oz lime juice
.5 oz orgeat
2 slices muddled jalapeño
Crushed ice

1.Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake vigorously.

2.Strain into a coupe glass. <I added a candied jalapeño to the rim because it fits the cocktail perfectly! ~Jen>

My review of the book…. Well, the rest of it. You already read my intro. 😉

71jw+epntWLTexas Cocktails
By Nico Martini
Format: Hardcover

My thoughts and pics on the drinks we tried:
1) Pajaro Del Fuego – p 80. Oh, this is a killer coffee liqueur drink. First you make a pineapple shrub with a fresh pineapple, sugar, and two vinegars. You have to wait for two days, but your patience will be rewarded. A portion of that pineapple shrub gets mixed with Caffe del Fuego, Campari, and lime juice. Fantastic depth of flavor in that drink.

2) Firewalk with Me – p 114. Tequila, falernum, lime, orgeat, and jalapeño. Oh my gosh. With two minutes of effort, this cocktail that tastes just like a candied jalapeno. So I used one to garnish it. We love this drink.2wm
3) Shrub You the Right Way – p 224. It calls for a peach shrub but doesn’t give exact instructions. I looked around online and went with 1 pound of peaches and a cup of sugar, shaking regularly for 2 days. Then, after the sugar is well dissolved, add a cup of sherry vinegar and wait a week, shaking often. That gets strained and mixed with bourbon, lemon, crème de noyaux, and peach bitters. The nuttiness of the drink is right up front, with the peach shrub and peach bitters adding fun bitter notes in the background.3wm
4-5) Hibiscus Margarita – p 287. This has a beautiful, complex flavor. Reposado tequila, orange liqueur, hibiscus water, simple syrup, lime, and velvet falernum. I had some dried hibiscus leaves from making paletas, so I thought I’d float a few on top.


6) Smokey the Pear – p 279. No, it’s not a smoked cocktail! No equipment required. You make a rosemary simple syrup, and that’s where the smokiness comes from. Whiskey, grand marnier, lemon, rosemary simple syrup, and pear. Gorgeous woodsy flavor.6wm
7) Hot Mess – p 150. Tequila, lemon, grenadine, and Cholula hot sauce. I love Cholula and buy the stuff in bulk, so I had to. It’s like a tequila based Bloody Mary.7wm
8) Frozen Coconut Key Lime Pie – p 335. Hahaha! This totally tastes like a coconut key lime pie! The picture in the book looks like a frozen drink. With this amount of ice it’s a cold drink. I’ll probably just pout it over ice next time. Love!8wm
9) Campari Colada – p 159. Pineapple juice, coconut cream, heavy whipping cream, and Campari. Oooh. This is a decadent, creamy summertime drink. It has a sweet and bitter flavor.9wm

Some others I have flagged to try: Chilton – p 49 * Paloma – p 54 * Texas Fizz – p 58 * Central Standard Thyme – p 75 * Berry White – p 78 * The Barringer – p 88 * Poison Girl Old Fashioned – p 103 * Rosewater Sour – p 105 * Third Coast Mule – p 113 * You Had Me at Hibiscus – p 115 * Lovejoy – p 122 * Sotol Recall – p 124 * Throwing Shade – p 126 * Tito’s Texas Tea – p 130 * The Hatchback – p 133 * Tarragueur – p 153 * * Mexican Mule – p 161 * Goma Fashion – p 163 * Grapes of Wrath – p 174 * Summer on the Riviera – p 187 * Pink Campari – p 197 * Texas Gentleman – p 208 * The Fleur Du Mal – p 211 * Southern Shipwreck – p 212 * Aviation Variation – p 215 * Ambassador Punsch – p 231 * Ranger Creek Tea Tapper – p 251 * The Missionary – p 266 * Watermelon Days – p 291 * The Old World – p 301 * Porter Flip – p 303 * Rev’s Hill Country Donkey – p 306 * Pitaya Rita – p 309 * Desert Spoon – p 319 * Mongoose Margarita – p 331 * Amy Jo Johnson – p 332

*I received a copy to explore and share my thoughts.

I’m an Amazon affiliate. Any time you make a purchase using one of my links, I get a tiny percentage. Thank you!

Texas Cocktails


I couldn’t find the orgeat that they mentioned. I’ll keep my eyes peeled, but in the meantime, I bought this one.



Bitters collection



I bought a walnut bitters, too. Cardamom’s one of my favorite spices and there’s a cardamom bitters, but I didn’t find a recipe using it, so I couldn’t justify buying it. If you have a cocktail recipe using cardamom bitters, please leave it in the comments or message me!


And lastly, these are my tiki glasses. There are no cocktails in this book that have a tiki glass as the suggested barware. <I know! I, too, am shocked!> My backyard is the Barbecue Tiki Palace, and my husband is deeply committed to his ever-growing collection of Hawaiian shirts, so… 61VXajFVX0L


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